Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Romeo & Juliet

I love this film!


Emma hat gesagt…

i also love it, it gets me every time

Nora hat gesagt…

danke! ;)

T Linh ▲ hat gesagt…

ach leo... sigh.
danke für dein kommentar!
wie würde pietro jz sagen? "lässig is beste!" haha

Joanna Paulsen hat gesagt…

Love it!

Carro hat gesagt…

Haha, that reminded me of when I was in love with Leonardo dicaprio, ages ago! hahaha. He's NOT that handsome now! :P

Oh, thaanks! I'm glad you like it!

Superblondeep hat gesagt…

is one of my favorite movies and I have the original soundtrack and it's fantastic!
thanx for your comment on my blog! your log is very nice, I follow you...follow me back please! :)


Jenn Erickson hat gesagt…

I loved that film too! It was a wonderful adaptation. I also enjoyed "Romeo is Bleeding", and the Franco Zeffirelli classic.

Fiamma hat gesagt…

I love this movie!


Casie Jean hat gesagt…

I need to watch this again and soon x.x.
Casie Jean

Rich Girls. hat gesagt…

leo is the biggest babe! x.

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