Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Even the sea knows your secrets

Designer lassen sich wahrlich immer aufregende Kollektionen einfallen.
Aber manchmal frägt man sich dann schon, zu welchen Gelegenheiten man so eine Robe tragen könnte.
Ich finde die Herbst Kollektion "Harmonic Epiphany Of Forms" von Iris Van Herpen ganz interessant und toll, aber definitiv nicht alltagstauglich.

Designer can certainly design exciting collections.
But sometimes you ask yourself even then, on what occasions you could wear such a robe.
The fall collection "Harmonic Epiphany Of Forms" by Iris Van Herpenand is really interesting and very great, but definitely not for every day use.


garde hat gesagt…

the first dress is so nice, the ther are too much special and for me are not too much beautiful...

Jessi hat gesagt…

I was going to start my coment with something like "you can use some of them when you..." but, definetely not, you can't wear them unless you are a big Hollywood start on some awards or Lady Gaga haha!
It is a great collection by the way =)


The Elegance Hunter

NICOLE hat gesagt…

that first dress is incredible. i couldnt even believe what i was seeing. walking art is all i can say. walking art

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